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Default Dreaded Re-boot Loop with 10V Hackintosh - 09-04-2013, 12:42 AM

My coworker brought in the 10V I modified several years ago into a Slime Hackintosh Dell Mini 10. He said it just suddenly did not work one day, just re-booting endlessly the day after everything worked perfectly. I loaded my restore disk I made with Super duper and it loaded just fine, but then upon reboot did not work. I've now loaded my original install disk, and instead of re-formatting the hard drive, I'm trying to "repair permissions" and see if this works. If not, I will be re-installing SL 10.6.0 and hoping all is well. Certainly hoping that the WD 160 GB hard drive is NOT failing, and that all will once again be good in my neighborhood. Best regards, Cleve

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Repairing of permissions did NOT help. I am now following the guide(s) and starting from scratch. Just re-formatted the 160 GB Western Digital hard disk drive and have begun re-installing OSX following the directions that McDrew, Gizmodo, and Meklort gave us 3 years ago. I've got my fingers crossed that all is well in the hood

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I followed the directions and ended up having to re-format the hard disk drive. I then re-booted the osx install disk made several years ago and followed the prompts. It took 32 minutes to install osx on the dell mini 10v until it re-booted. Suddenly the splash screen was a fresh install of Snow leopard 10.6.0. I followed the prompts, answered a few questions and closed out/shut down the system. Upon restarting, all was once again working. This time I kept the "administrator" user private, and installed a family user name for my co-worker. I also installed a "user" guest with out a password. Now no one but me can install and/or change the system. Hopefully this will prevent future updates that go beyond the scope of the install and cause a crash. Thank you goes to you, the forum as well as McDrew, Meklort, Gizmodo, Life Hacker, Clare Bailey, and all others who have posted here. Certainly this little slime mini 10v is the "little one that could". Best Regards, Kris

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