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Is there a place to post a Guide? I don't have any pictures from the modification, but it isn't that complex if you have all the bits and pieces. However, i just post a small text-only Guide.

First thing you need is a touchscreen kit, i bought mine on ebay and the multi-touch ones are available for around 90-120$. There is also usually a wiring guide included.
Second thing, there is a Dell Service Manual available which tells you how to take everything apart.

At first you need to remove the battery, after that loosen all the screws on the bottom.

Then you pull the keyboard in the direction of the screen and carefully open the flexprint cable. You need a small piece of plastic (i used the disassembly-set for mobiles, available for ~2$ on dealextreme with worldwide free shipping) and you have to carefully open the latches around the top bezel. once loosened, you need to carefully open up the flexprint for the touchpad.
after that you see all the nice guts and have to open a couple of more screws on the l/h side which hold the assembly containing the harddisk and on the r/h side a silver cover over the ram. remove the harddisk and remove the assembly preventing you to access the usb-port on the l/h side. (you could also use the right one, but i decided to take one of the left ones, since they were closer to the controller).
you also will need to disconnect the wifi-antenna-cable from the wifi-card.

Remove the two black stickers which hide the screws of the screen bezel and take them out.
Now you need to be really careful and open the latches around the screen bezel and remove the front bezel.
then open all the screws (4e/a) around the screen, remove the cable from the webcam. you will also need to unscrew the 2 monitor hinge screws. i also removed the small bezel on the rear side of the screen (above the battery) and there are also 2 more screws, but i'm not 100% sure if these are needed.

Once you got the whole bezel away from the screen you can fit the overlay foil. if you bought the same kit i purchased, then you have to flip the driver board on the back of the screen and make sure to isolate it with tape to prevent it from short circuit.
once you're done with the connectors and the tape and got everything in place, pull the wire through the screen hinge and then solder them to the usb port of your choice. check the wiring twice, i had mine completely assembled and my device was not recognized, because i had a wire changed. (data - and GND interchanged).
Getting the bezel to fit the screen again might be a pain, i'm still not done on mine...

However, the Dell Manual does help and there is also a small guide telling you how to connect the driver board to your usb port. i mechanically blocked my usb port to prevent short circuit/driver trouble. there are also boards available with usb hubs included, but you need more wires then.

However, once everything is in place, put it all back together and touch your screen
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