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Default Touchscreen 1018? - 12-12-2010, 11:11 PM

just wanted to ask if anyone ever did an upgrade to his dell inspiron mini 1018 to a touchscreen.

However, i did it in the last 2 days, i just finished troubleshooting (accidentally changed a wire) and it is working so far. But i will have to cut the bezel, since the touch-overlay i used is made of glass and adds another 2-3mm on top of the screen.
(ebay item 270665308841 is the screen i used, from seller visualtouchworld)
I will test if i get it working on linux and will report. Actually i did take some pictures during modification, but after i was finished i found the memory card was not in the camera at this time...

However, this is my first post, so hello everyone
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