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I'd used the MirrorDisplay app to fix the stripes, but many times got the plain gray screen and no consistent way to get the external monitor working with my mini 9, it was hit and miss (mostly miss). This worked perfectly, thank you!

mini 9, 32gb ssd, 10.6.6

Originally Posted by michaelcly View Post
I finally figured out how to make the VGA out work on my tv and external monitor. I was getting everything from blue and gray screens to stripes. I hadn't seen this posted before so I thought I would post it here.

When I follow this procedure, it works every time:

1-boot normally
2-open Display sys pref
3-change to 800 x 600
4-turn external monitor off (for my tv I have it set to pc before turning it off)
5-plug the rgb cord in to your mini
6-turn on the power to your monitor

once working, you can change your mini display back to 1024/600. You can now change settings, like adjust the color on external monitor, or alignment of the two screens, etc. The next time you follow these steps, the settings are remembered.

mini 9, 32gb ssd, 1gb, 10.6.7
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