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Hey JnC,
I don't know how I missed this post.

That link is for the proper version on NBI to be used on 10.6.4 and works fine up to 10.6.7. No need to run them incrementally, you can run the special version even if you last used 0.8.3 or 4.

There is a newer version call 0.8.5 Pre which combines NBM and NBI into one application, but it borks the mini 9's (or at least the one I tried it on) and it doesn't give you the same options as the older versions of NBI as far as Sleep, Hibernation, Hide/Show NBI files, etc, so I use the one ending in 351, or as some call it the special. 0.8.5 Pre was a pre-release, but Meklort indicated on his blog that he is working with someone else to get Lion on PC's and so NBI seems to be over.

I did a mini 9 for a co-worker and used the 10.6.7 Combo Update downloaded from the Apple site and the NBI special and it went smoothly.

Run NBI special, run the update, run NBI again, reboot and NBI will run yet again. This last step could take just a few minutes, might last for as long as 10 or so, then it will reboot on it's own and should boot right into your install of 10.6.7.

I say should because some people have said they had issues, but my mini 9's and my 10v have both been fine and that's the method I used on them, as well as my co-worker's mini 9. The sound doesn't always load properly on the 10v, seems it got moved around in the boot order or something? It can cause a long boot time, even when it does load properly.

Off topic, but since you haven't been around in a while, check out this thread-

Post #79 by Slothtyper is the pertinent post. You can enable Hibernation on the 10v and it works pretty well. It's not quite as good as on a real Mac, but it saves battery life, and saves you from the slow boot time the 10v has compared to the mini 9.

What I really like about it is if you Hibernate your machine with everything working (i.e. sound) and wake it back up, everything is still working, whereas by shutting down and rebooting, sometimes the sound works, and sometimes it doesn't.

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