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ok, Double R..(smile)..the price is i'm going to definitely buy it..& i'll get the other one with it..(i need to get one for my moms) if there's/there are still issue(s)..LOL..i'm selling it..that's it..LOL..i'm going to buy the R041N tmrw..(i'm trying to see if it's an issue with either a) the processor speed..2) the RAM..or 3) something's broken with MY K029P..(1.66GHZ/2GB RAM)..LOL..i placed the original processor back in the Dell last night..& VVWWHHALLAAA!!!??'s running perfectly run now..(a little slower than the 2GB..but i have NO issues with it)..i played Miley Cyrus on it..(YouTube)..LOL..i ran the HDMI on's good..but i know that i'll need more RAM somewhere down the i'm going to buy the R401N..i'll let you know how everything works out..again..thank you so much, Double R..Peace..& God bless..

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