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Default 03-31-2012, 05:34 PM

Hi Mike, yes I thought of that as an option but as you know its a case of doing a strip down of my good working 10v and if theres an alternative method?

I don't wish to mirror the display but use it as a switched display on boot up (which it does from start pressing the external monitor button on the 10v)

Is this the same as mirror and will I run into the same osx mirror problem?
Once switched will it use the external monitor as the primary, ignoring the 10v screen as it does in Windows?

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Ok a little update, it has indeed installed but!!!!
All the way up to the desktop I get the apple logo as normal on my second screen, on opening the desktop it then uses the second screen as an extended area.
Any ideas how I can access anything from this extended area so I can apply mirror and fix it?
How frustrating.
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