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Default Re: AC power disables when battery hits 100% charge. - 04-30-2009, 03:33 PM

Lovely... just got off of dell's online chat ... and I was told 'It looks like a Dell Ubuntu problem' :roll: ... which is rather entertaining, considering at least one person here hitting this from an XP side. Even better... mine *came* with Ubuntu, but was running Gentoo at the time I saw this start happening. Should I test it a bit under Ubuntu, jump through their hoops, and go from there, or should I get on the phone with Dell Support and nag until they actually listen :?:

EDIT: Should be getting my box soon enough, didn't take any real nagging, just a bit of time on the phone... I have to say, compared to a) online chat, and b) every other company's phone support I've dealt with... that was one of the best support calls I've had... they actually seemed to know something about what they were talking about. Despite this hiccup with the hardware... I'd still recommend the mini 9 over any other netbook I've worked with (including the mini 10).
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