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Default Re: AC power disables when battery hits 100% charge. - 11-08-2008, 03:18 PM

Originally Posted by DjFIL
This issue was occurring after I reinstalled Windows XP too... so I'm certain it's hardware flaw. Dell is sending box for me right now, they'll do the whole replacement thing. Hopefully a quick procedure.
I installed windows xp as a dual boot and this **** happened again. What really annoyed me is that this kept on happening when I was using Mini at home, but not when at office (I usually spend over 10 hours at work.)

As months ago I did have a power problem with my other Dell desktop at home, I still suspect that it's probably because of the unstable power in my house. So, I'll just wait till it happens in my office. Sigh...

Anyway, can you please tell me if Dell has any explanation for yours after the replacing? Thx. :P
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