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Default Raspberry Pi Desktop - 04-03-2020, 12:25 PM

Anyone still here? So just for fun I experimented with a new OS for my antique Mini 910 but this would apply to almost any PC.
download the OS here.

I tried endlessly to install any small version of Linux on the 4GB SSD, not happening. I at this time wanted to keep the Win 7 image on my Runcore 64GB SSD so I bought one of these for $12.

Burn the image to CD or DVD and install to the SanDisc. It of course is still a bit slow but my WinTV-HVR tuner works well as well as streaming old movies even from my slow wifi hotspot on my T-Mobile phone.

Give it a try. Included in the OS is word processor, spreadsheet and other. The best part is just pop this usb drive in any machine, boot and you have your own private OS with it's own browser.

I still like this mini obsolete laptop.
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