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Originally Posted by elliott5742 View Post
Hi, and thanks for your help.

In that case, does NBI 20100616212351 contain features not present in the pre-release of 0.5, and has Bootmaker been integrated into that version?
The differences between of those two version of NBI are on the bundled kexts and the chameleon bootloader, so I can't say what features that present and what ones that do not, but AFAIK, NBI 0.8.5 pre has no options we can choose to enable or disable when we run it, it just run.
NBM not included on NBI 20100616212351, but you can use NBM 0.8.4 rc1, after installation complete, copy NBI 20100616212351 onto your HDD on applications folder, and then run it.

Concerning upgrading to 10.6.8, what fixes have to be applied?

You need to use patched mac_kernel and sleep enabler kext.
Check this thread:
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