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Originally Posted by Rebeluser View Post
Hi All,

This is my first post. I hope it may be of some use to somebody.

I bricked my 1018 doing a BIOS update. Thanks to other posts on this site I got it back to life.

This is how I did it !!

I downloaded 'crisdisk', and the Dell BIOS A02 file.
I used a cheap 2Gb USB drive, because the recovery failed using a Kingston 4Gb drive.

I extracted the crisdisk file which gave me 10 files in the folder. I ran 'Wincris.exe' and pointed to my USB drive. This made a bootable USB recovery drive.

I then extracted the Dell BIOS update file, and found a file called 'pim10a02.rom', which I renamed to BIOS.WPH.

I copied this BIOS.WPH to the USB drive overwriting the existing BIOS.WPH on the drive.

Recovery Procedure

Remove Battery

Put the USB drive into the port on the left side of the 1018.

Press Fn & End (Top right on UK keyboard)(There is another End on the bottom right).

Keep holding both keys, and turn on Power Adaptor. The power light & the USB light will both come on, and the 1018 will begin to bleep loudly. The USB drive light flickers while booting, and the bleeping continues for several minutes.

Finally it will give 1 long bleep and turn off. My 1018 power light came on, but nothing happened.

I Left it for 10 - 15 minutes, and still nothing.

So, I shut off the power, put the Battery, and reconnected the AC power, and pressed the on/off switch, and it then booted up
Thank you my friend, I did it with your way... ;

My differencies, I used 4Gb Hp FDD and I had lots of beep after at the end of reboot, I closed and reboot again; woooaaav, it works again

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