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Originally Posted by darknessblade View Post
if you need parts look here:
Thank you. I'll check that out.

Originally Posted by darknessblade View Post
as for storage you might want to consider using someting like this:
wich has a half size, thus meaning you can add more stuff in the hole by the hdd. you cab 3d print a casing for the ssd so its more safe.
I plan to use an SATA SSD 120GB. I may use a 60GB instead, but I haven't decided. I need the extra mPCI-E slot for something else. However, I may need to use a half SATA card instead, due to space limitations. But if the full SATA SSD is slim enough, I may have space on the top of it.

And instead of using the TV tuner in the additional mPCI-E slot, I will be using this:
Mini PCI E Switch TO Dual Port USB 2 0 Expansion Card Adapter Card UL | eBay

And this is the touchscreen panel I am going to be using with the above card.
10 1inch 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel USB Controller KIT 233x143 8mm | eBay
It will avoid most of the soldering, hopefully. I may have to cut and solder wires for length, but that should be about it.

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