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Originally Posted by darknessblade View Post
you should first weld a mini pci-e connector to the MB using a soldering iron.
I am not soldering mPCI-E headers. I am buying a new motherboard with the headers already on. I said that in my post.

Originally Posted by TwistyTravster View Post
I'm working on replacing my current Mini 1012 motherboard (which has only 1 mPCI-E header) with the motherboard that has 3 mPCI-E headers - 1 being used for Wifi, 1 being used for Broadcom, and 1 empty slot.
This is the motherboard I have already bought and will be replacing my current one with once it arrives.

Originally Posted by darknessblade View Post
before you use the tuner find out if its a DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S or a combined one
I am pretty sure this card is for ATSC.

Originally Posted by darknessblade View Post
for getting extra space you can try using a half lengt SSD for storage, this way you have excess space for any other projects.
The issue with that would be the inconsistent standard being used between mSATA and mPCI-E. The pin connectors may not be compatible, even though they are physically identical, because certain manufacturers do things in different ways. I wont know for sure if a mSATA SDD would work on my mPCI-E headers until I actually try it. Dell is especially known for causing all kinds of problems with proprietary hardware, which makes it even more of a wild card. Even if it wasn't proprietary, mSATA devices will only work on mPCI-E headers if there is a SATA controller attached to it.

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