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you should first weld a mini pci-e connector to the MB using a soldering iron. (you also need spacer pins since they are not in the mini [white ring left below in the red square])

make sure its the correct hight to prevent damage to the cards in it.
make sure you take your time doing this the connectors seems like they are already have tin on them, so placing a connector and use a soldering iron or gun to heat up the tin to make the connector to the MB.

then test all connections with a multi meter.
if everything shows up normal you should first test using a different kind of card (old wifi card) plug it in the newly made connector, to see if windows can detect anything in the slot. if it does, you can try out to add the tv-tuner
before you use the tuner find out if its a DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S or a combined one.

this is needed to decode the ingoing signal, if you dont have a DVB-T (radio waves) provider the card will not work. (it can work but only for the public channels wich dont require payments)

before drilling holes try out the card first, so you dont have any dead-holes in the case
for getting extra space you can try using a half lengt SSD for storage, this way you have excess space for any other projects.

dell mini 910
supertalent dual wide ssd 128GB
2GB ddr2 400mhz ram
Realtek RTL8188SU
(not the 3G version)
hdd cooler as extra cooling
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