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So I got the 5650 GPU from ebay. What was interesting was that this a locked vBios card to HP. When I dropped it in and started up, everything was hunky dory until...

I went to device manager and saw it was recognized as an 5570? I did the whole thing, uninstalled Catalyst, drivers etc. Even refreshed Windows 8.1 install. No dice. Try force installing a 5650 driver on it, but wouldn't let me.

I contacted the seller and it appears the HW ID from their end is correct when I asked them about it. But I suppose because this was an HP part, device manager recognized it as something different. Not totally shocking but was worth a try.

Anyhow, graphics were significantly bumped up from the 5450 on a few games. But with a catch.
- Card overheats. Running at min 80 C with fans on 75%
- No HDMI audio recognized. Catalyst would not recognize audio from this card so defaulted to Realtek audio no matter what tinkering I did.

It appears because the card is installed as something its not, it really does screw up the whole set up. So while the Zino works for about 15 mins, the heat eventually catches up with it and shuts down.

In the end its not worth it unless you get something from Dell or an unlocked card which may be tough to find because as I understand, these are laptop chips and typically designed for that OEM.
There were also no vBios I could flash to from tech power up which I am sure would have solved the ID issue.

So the experiment was nice but I popped the P960 back in and the 5450 and all is well in the world. Runs super quiet with the SSD and plays BluRay like a champ.

I also tried the p650 2.6 cpu which I think ran great. same tdp as the p960 as well.

Gonna just have stick with the XBOX and PS3 for gaming until I get enough to build my own little rig.

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