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Default 12-20-2012, 08:52 AM

Hi Harry,

This may either be an issue with the speakers, system settings or the operating system.

Please check the sound settings to make sure the speakers are set as the default playback device.
1. Press Windows key and W together.
2. Type in Sounds
3. Open the Sounds and Audio device settings

Choose the speakers and set as default. If you do not see the option for speakers, right click on a blank space and click on show disabled device.

If the speakers are already set as the default device, check with a headphone if the audio is coming through.

If the headphones are working, it is an issue with the speakers and would need replacement. However, if the sound is not coming through on the headphones please try to uninstall and reinstall the sound driver by following the steps below:

1. Open the device manager
2. Right click on the sound driver and uninstall it.
3. Restart the system
4. Reinstall the sound driver from the link below

Driver Details | Dell United States

Note: This system has not been tested with Windows 8 by the Dell Product Group team and the drivers available are for Windows XP.
Dell Computer Support for Windows 8 Upgrade | Dell

However, you can try to install this driver in the compatibility mode, please follow the steps to install the driver in compatibility mode.
Download the file on the Desktop, do not start the installation. open the folder, right click ‘Setup’ file and click ‘Properties’
- Click “Install in compatibility mode’
- Click on Application and select ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’
- Next, click on ‘Troubleshoot Program’
- Click on Program worked in earlier versions of Windows
- Click on ‘Windows 7’
- Click on ‘Start the Program’
- Do not hit ‘Next’ until the installation completes
- Once the installation completes, click on ‘Next’

Once it is installed check if the audio is working.

Hope this helps. Do reply with the results.

Thanks and regards
Abhishek B
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