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Originally Posted by lswartz View Post
Wow! You found your solutions fast. You might consider Win 7 as XP support ends next month. Win 7 is a lot faster as well. If you have no applications which require Windows you might consider Ubuntu, just as fast & free too. I don't have any experience with Win 8.

I use a Mini 10v out and about, but mostly this Mini 9 (seems to be indestructible) with out a battery which died months ago.

I have thought about putting Windows 7 32 bit on it but with only 1gb of ram I think it would crawl.
I see some forum members have upgraded the motherboard to the Ubuntu model and put 2gb of ram in them.

I find the Mini 10 mousepad to be a real pain so I use a mini mouse with it.

I also purchased a Mini 1018 which has a proper mousepad and will take 2gb of ram. It's a shame Dell cut corners with this model and reduced the number of usb ports from three to two and took away the microphone connection.

Dell Mini 1010 160GB hard drive
Dell Mini 1012 250GB hard drive 2GB RAM
Dell Mini 1018 1,000GB hard drive 2GB RAM
Dell XPS M1730 X9000 CPU NV M9800GTX 2GB video. 8 GB ram 256GB SSD & Seag hyb 750GB

Dell XPS M1730 X9000 CPU NV M9800 GTX 2GB video 4gb ram 256gb SSD & 200gb Hit hd
Dell XPS M1330 2.6ghz Seagate 750gb hd.
Dell XPS M1330 2.5ghz Western Dig 750GB hd.

Dell Studio XPS 1645 I7 840QM CPU 8GB Ram.
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