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Cool 10-22-2013, 12:42 PM

YES!!!!!!. you need the Thermal Pad, it is VERY important, remember these Minis do not have fans to cool them, but DO NOT use any thermal paste on far as the procesors go there are small increases as you go from the z520 to z530 to the z540 I believe its 1.3ghz to 1.6ghz to 1.8ghz respectively... the faster the CPU the more heat sounds like you were definitely having a heat issue, PUT BACK THE THERMAL PAD and remember NO THERMAL PASTE, when I upgraded my 1010 the only issue was that 1 of the screws didnt line up perfectly to I just made sure the other 3 were very tight and simply left off the 4th screw, I have had mine for like 4yrs now and NEVER had ANY problems with heat or anything else for that might wanna get a cooling pad for underneath the 1010, it plugs into one of the USB ports and does help a lot......mine is a Targus with dual fans in it...something for you to consider maybe......

Targus Netbook Chillpad:

PS. I paid like $30 for mine @ Bestbuy years ago

PSS. Welcome to the forum......

BTW: Ever since I got my iPad I hardly ever use my Netbook anymore or my big HP laptop for that matter either....that iPad is sooooo fu*king cool (lol)

Dell Mini 10 (Obsidian Black 1010), 2gb RAM, 1.66ghz 533mhz FSB (Z530) processor, A10 BIOS, 1 Terabyte (1000 GB) WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive (5400rpm), Intel GMA 500 Integrated Graphics, TV Tuner, Bluetooth 2.1 module with EDR, 1.3mp Camera, 1366x768 HD Screen, Wireless 1510 b/g/n mini card, 6 cell (56WHr) Battery, 4gb SDHC, 64gb Flashdrive, Targus Netbook Chillpad, Targus Sport Case, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (500gb)/Windows 8.1 (500gb) (Dual Boot)

iPad 4 (64gb) w/Retina,Targus Versavu Case

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