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Originally Posted by ssomanat View Post
Thanks Strephon.

Have you got 2.2.2 installed on your Steak too ? Are there any other issues that you have with this version ?

If i install ADW launcher would i loose the Stage UI ? or is it switchable ?

351 here with Go Launcher EX. As Marvin points out, the Stage UI widgets do not work on alternative launchers.

If you wanted to switch back and forth between Stage UI and the alternative launcher you could, but realistically you don't even want to bother. There's not one Stage UI widget that is so compelling as to make me want to keep the Stage UI. That's why when I rooted my phone I ripped ever single Stage UI app out of the ROM.

The Streak has been very reliable, and other than one spontaneous bootloop (caused by high temperatures in my area), trouble free.
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