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Default HANDeHolder for tablets - 01-07-2011, 07:50 PM

On a flight the other day I sat next to an inventor who was going to show off his latest at CES. He showed it to me and I thought it would be of interest to folks here. One of his previous inventions was the chip that runners attach to their shoes to automatically log timing in races.

Called the HANDeHolder, it is a swiveling hand strap that attaches to the back of a tablet or other device with a removable 3M DualLock ring. He showed it with an iPad - it allows you to hold the tablet in one hand, swiveled to the most convenient angle, freeing your other hand. There are various accessories such as a leg strap, a C-Clamp, a stand and other things.

His latest tweak was a simple piece of acrylic which, inserted into the strap, turns it into a stand. He said he was intending to include it free with the basic strap. He also showed me a neoprene sleeve with fold-over top that had a cutout designed to allow you to leave the HANDeHolder in place.

Check it out at - if I had a tablet, I'd definitely be interested.

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