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Default M11x poor quality control - 03-17-2010, 08:02 PM

Just got my M11x and unpacked it. The top cover is scuffed / scratched from top to bottom right down the center not to mention various other scuffs and scratches strewn about the rest of the top cover. It also looked like it had been handled by someone that just finished swapping a motor in their car.
I then spent 30 min on the phone with 3 different dell customer support agents. I was furious but polite after spending close to $1400. The first lady went down in 30 seconds and transferred me. Second lady went down in 30 seconds and transferred me. The third agent promised to resolve it = I was told another M11x would be built and sent = another two to three week wait for a replacement! (I waited a month for this one)
So it appears they zero quality control. That is the only way I can account for such a disaster to make it from production to shipping. If the second one arrives in this condition it will also go back and a refund will be demanded and I will take the Area 51 desktop off my wish list which I was going to order the first week of April.
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