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Note that there could be a problem if your original partition was 20Gb and you need to restore it to a 15Gb or 10Gb partition, even if the actual content is only 5Gb: OSX is a bit narrow-minded for that matter!
The best option to avoid problems is to resize manually your partition with Disk Utility BEFORE creating your image.
From 10.5 on, you can resize a partition with Disk Utility just dragging a small triangle which is very easy and safe even on your actual running OSX partition.
I haven't found an easy way to do it afterwards, be it through terminal with hdutil command, or with a freeware called DMGConverter which gives me errors anytime I try (except for the .sparsebundle format).
You can gain something using Disk Utility to convert your .dmg to .sparsebundle and then use the resize menu but not to the minimum size.

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