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Good info, thank you! I have a couple questions for you...

I bought a 64gb pro IV runcore (tstyle). I have a mini 9 with 10.6.7 on a stock 32gb. I also have an bootable external HD with a time machine back-up and disk image. I'm armed for bear! The Runcore has a built in usb connection. My questions are:

1. Can I boot from the stock, and restore the dmg on the external to the Runcore? Or can I just use Carbon Copy and go straight from the stock to the Runcore and then swap out the drives?

2. I read that Carbon Copy does a block for block clone. I'm concerned that the clone will have all the same fragmented garbage as the stock. I wonder if some sort of file copying rather than block copying would be better. I don't want to copy the problems from the stock. So, would it be better to use restore and "copy" the files by not clicking erase?

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