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Default Thank you so much!!! - 10-18-2020, 10:37 PM

Originally Posted by Pixar View Post
This Is how I Modified a 2 gig M/B that a friend sent to me to try out.
I will try and place some picture's so you get the idea.
I am sure that Dell should have a board that fits right into the slot.
Not sure why we can not get them yet.

Anyways, Step one: Follow the Video Instructions on how to add ram
to the 1011 (mini 10v) up to the part on video 2 about a 1/4 way through
until you get to the Mother Board and see the Daughter Board to the
Lower front right side. (note) there are only 2 silver screws to remove
to take out the black casing over the top of the M/B not 3 like on the 10V Video.

Step two:
Remove the cover (4 screws) on top of the Daughter Board
Remove the Daughter Board
See the size difference in the pictures

Attachment 2650 Attachment 2651 Attachment 2652

Step three:
You will have to notch out the New 2 gig DB on the lower left corner
to fit over the raised stand-off of the threads.

Attachment 2653 Attachment 2654

Step four: Grind the raised head of the lower left stand-off and
put piece your favorite sticky tape over that stand-off, the DB will
now just lay and that stand-off and have protection.
NOTE:: After the small grinding make sure you blow off the tiny particles
make sure they do not get all over the Mother Board , Or cover as much of the board as you can.

Attachment 2655 Attachment 2656
Attachment 2657

Step five: make sure you move the heat sink tape up a little to match
the CPU Chip on the DB.

Attachment 2659 Attachment 2658

Step six: Now take a pair of pliers and raise the right side over hang
of the aluminum cover, and cut of the lower right corner as well
so that the hole right side of the top plate will lay flat on the DB.

Attachment 2660 Attachment 2661

Step seven: Now put it all back together! :-)
The extra gig seems to be just about right.

I also used my high powered scope and the ram IS surfaced mounted
to the board on both sides. even though I change out SM parts like that all day
at work with a very expensive piece of equipment I can not do this at work

I hope this helps someone in the future!
I also am looking for another DB for my wifes as well to modify hers one day!


It's October 2020, and I've been restoring a Dell mini (10) 1010 since March or before. I thought that the only thing i could do to make this baby come alive again, was changing the HDD for a SDD and instal a very light Linux distro.
I've just followed step by step of your instructions in how to upgrade the RAM (i found the piece on Ebay for just 8 dollars) and now this baby is flying!!!!

thank you so much!!!!
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