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Default Remix OS on Dell Mini! - 02-17-2016, 08:28 AM

Hello all,

I am brand new to the forum. How did I not find this community before now? Its too bad that its so quiet around here. I've had my Dell Mini 1012 for a couple of years. I initially tried working with Windows Starter, but it ran terribly. So I switched to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which worked fairly well but still ran slowly at times.

With the recent Alpha release of Remix OS, the Android x86 project, I was ecstatic to test it out on my Dell Mini to finally get it to function at its full potential. This is a tutorial for anyone wanting to install Remix OS on their Dell Mini.

You will need:
- A separate Windows PC
- USB flash drive with minimum 10MB/s write speed > Minimum 8GB FAT32 format.
- Empty pre-partitioned HDD/SSD > Minimum 8GB NTFS format
- Remix OS ISO (see below for download) > 32-bit or 64-bit, Legacy or UEFI
- IMGTools (see below for download) > To increase the storage size
- GMSInstaller.apk (see below see below for download) > For Google Play store


Start by downloading the 32-bit Legacy version of Remix OS via Torrent to your Windows PC:

[If you are installing it onto a 64-bit capable machine, then by all means grab the 64-bit Legacy (Or UEFI) version from the Jide website.]

Unpack the zip file, and run the USB tool. Locate the ISO file located in the folder you just unzipped. Choose the drive letter for your USB flash drive. Click "OK".

After the USB tool finishes, you can safely remove it and insert it into your Dell Mini machine, making sure that the pre-paritioned drive is inside as well. Turn it on and press F12 to get to the boot menu. Choose the USB flash drive.

A screen will appear asking for Resident Mode or Guest Mode. Ignore it. Press 'Tab' or 'E', whichever the screen shows to edit the command line. Once there, go to the end of the command line and add "INSTALL=1". (no quotes). Press enter, and the screen should begin an install for Remix to your internal drive. Follow the on-screen commands to locate your partitioned drive. You may install GRUB and GRUB2, but the Debug part is optional. Make sure to put the full 2048MB as user data. After it finishes installing, you can run Android x86. And there you go!

Once you reboot your machine, you can unplug your USB and it will boot Remix directly from your drive.


The next step is overcoming the issue that Remix OS has with user data storage. The OS is designed to be installed on a FAT32 formatted storage device, thus, it only allows a maximum of 4GB storage. We installed this onto a NTFS drive, so that isn't a problem.

You start by removing the internal drive from your Dell Mini and mounting it onto your Windows PC again. Once it is there, you can browse the drive and find the folder named android-xxxx-xx-xx based on the version you installed. Inside, there will be a file called data.img which is formatted to be the size of the internal storage - 4GB. To increase the internal storage of Remix we need to increase the size of this file.

Download IMGTools here:!dpVFhJoB!2d4PCwnsm...Iv4ztNxG3JZLds

Find the Commands text file here:

Unzip IMGTools to a folder. Press shift + right-click on white space in that folder, and select "Open Command Window Here".

Go into the commands text file, and copy the entire first line, as follows:

dd.exe iflag=count_bytes if=/dev/zero of="[PATH TO IMG]" count=[SIZE IN BYTES]

You need to input the [PATH TO IMG] as #:\android-xxxx-xx-xx\data.img. This is based on the drive letter of your Remix OS drive, and the version you installed. Make sure to keep the quotes.

For the [SIZE IN BYTES], refer to the size table in the commands text file and choose the size LOWER than what your total drive size is. In my case, I had a 320GB drive, so I actually formatted data.img to be 256GB (which is the equivalent of 274877906944 bytes). But if you had a 128GB drive, you would use 96GB. If you had a 96GB, you would use 64GB, and so on.

After all the data is inputted into the command line, press enter. Be aware, the larger the size you chose, the longer it will take. With 256GB, it took almost an hour.

Once it completes this stage, you need to enter the second command line in the text file:

mke2fs.exe -F -t ext4 "[PATH TO IMG]"

For [PATH TO IMG], it is the exact same as the previous command line, #:\android-xxxx-xx-xx\data.img.

After this step, when you reinsert the Remix drive into your Dell Mini and boot it up, you should see the full storage amount usable.


For licensing reasons, Remix OS does not come pre-installed with the Google Play store. So you need to side-load it yourself.

Download the GMSInstaller.apk here:

Start Remix OS. Install APK file on it. Make sure "Unknown Sources" is selected in the Security Settings. Click on "One-click to install Google Services" (this will automatically download google play services). Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All. Select "Clear Data" for Google Play Services and Google Service Framework. Reboot OS. Go to browser and search Google Play Services. Click the link to the Google Play Store, then Log into a Google account, and click Update. Done!

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