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(laughing)..i hear know what?? they actually have 2GHZ processors for these..LOL..(ATOM Z560's)..but i don't think you can run those w/o a fan..i'm going to put win7 HP 64 in it..& i'll see what's good with it..i can't find Win 7 Starter on a standard i'm going high tech..(laughing)..i wish they'd let you make recovery discs for these..i'm going to use a WD 250GB HDD..i may sell it..but for now..i'll just have fun with it..(i bought it for i can't complain)..LOL..i have a Sony Vaio Mini too..but the MOBO is i'm getting another one for 60..i'll put in 2GB of RAM & i have a HDD with everything on it from the old mini..i'm DEFINITELY going to sell that one..i again want to thank you for your wisdom & kindness..&?? if you find the M036P (the Z540 w/1.86GHZ & 2GB RAM)..let me know..Peace..& God bless..
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