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I know what you mean about the trackpad. Its bloody dreadful on my 1011 too. Going to have to get a wireless mouse.

Originally Posted by kzfisher View Post
The Dell v10 was not available so I bought 1012 & I am happy with my experience thus far -

I am writing this post using OS X & Safari browser & it feels like I am on a genuine Apple system. Only thing I hate about the Dell 1012 which would be same on the v10 & that's the trackpad - so I use an external mouse - USB or BT work fine . . .

With some help it was easy to set up OS X on my 1012 - just follow the items on this site & ask for help as you need.

1) After some help from folks on this site - my WiFi is working perfectly!

2) My 1012 did not come with Bluetooth so I purchased a $15 mini/micro dongle - now BT is working fine

3) I just timed with stopwatch & from power on to being able to use system was 1 min 20 seconds. I have 2 GB RAM installed (max available)

4) I haven't had issue watching youtube - I am able to watch FLV video files with Wimpy FLV Player but not full screen - I have not been able to get video with VLC only audio.

5) As Questionmark425 states - mine also is not slow for productivity applications - Video apps are going to be sluggish (skips & jerky if you try full window viewing)

NOTE: I didn't purchase my 1012 as a media or gaming computer but as a portable work station for productivity which could also do a few fun activities too (like the occasional flash video file etc.) My advice is that if you are into media production or heavy video viewing or need heavy processor intensive apps then you don't want to put the work into making a 1012 a Hackintosh (you don't want any netbook Win or Mac) BUT if you can live with the current limitations for video and some graphic applications then by all means you won't find a more compact system since Apple hasn't released a netbook . . . and this from someone who owns an iPad - they're great but they are not OS X or a netbook.
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