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Default Dell 5530 3G WWAN card - improving speed... - 05-22-2014, 04:31 PM

(reposted from my post to Dell's community website...)


If you're running an Inspiron Mini 910 (or other Dell from that era) and it came with a mPCI-e Dell 5530 3G wireless card that you're not using, consider removing the 5530 WWAN card for a noticeable speed & battery life boost...

Recently, I bought a used Mini 9 which had the 5530 card & 2GB RAM. I have loaded Win8.1 Pro 32-bit on it and felt that it was a bit sluggish--not that the hardware in this thing is that strong & 8.1 is probably a stretch. Given that it's only 3G (which network???), I decided to remove the card to see if performance would improve. The Dell 5530 HSPA WWAN card was clearly a drag on the machine!

Physically removing it and the A07 drivers provided a big speed & battery boost. I don't know what the card was doing, especially since I wasn't trying to connect to any cell network, but it feels faster... And I have no use for the card's GPS...

Removing the card & drivers removed 6 or 7 (!!!) devices from Device Manager. And neither the BIOS nor Windows is complaining about the missing card.

I'm guessing that any other Dell with an unused 5530 card would also experience a decent boost by removing the card, including whatever spying that can come with the existence of the card... Cheers!
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