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Default Retro toggle power switch mod - 12-20-2010, 05:10 AM

Hello everybody,
So i'm back to show off my new mod. A very simple mod but cool none the less.(at least in my opinion)

During a previous mod i managed to break the ribbon cable off the power button and then solder all 4 pins together in an attempt to fix it and it just well its busted now haha. So my solution instead of buying a 30 dollar power switch was to make my own. This worked in my favor cause i needed a side mounted switch for when i finalize my tablet mini.

Parts: The power flip switch was donated from a destroyed HDD enclosure, Ribbon cable from a IDE cable (awesome stuff to have), razor blade to cut the hole and super glue to keep it in place

For you guys i went crazy with pictures and even a video.

I used a razor blade to make the connections on the connector easier to solder and attached my two pins.

All the case cuts i had to make to make the switch fit snuggly.
NOTE: that they kingston lock steel mount has been completely removed and replaced by super glue

Had to remove some of the black plastic from the upper case to create more room. Every millimeter counts!

Thats the finished product.


*warning video contains a swear word, watch at your own discretion*

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in this thread. hope you enjoyed my mod!


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Well i'm having some troubles. Maybe someone smarter then me can help me out. The button will power cycle continuously if the battery and charger are plugged in. But if the batter OR charger are plugged in alone it wont. Wtfmate? ughhhhhhhhhhh
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