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Red face 06-18-2011, 10:36 AM

Originally Posted by Australian View Post
BitDefender Basic Antivirus (Free) has a function which lists permissions and the likelihood of such Apps. costing you money.

And, as I recall so does Webroot Basic Antivirus.

I don't worry about permissions, unless they "need" access to phone numbers.

For what?

That is the reason I changed History Eraser, to the one with the empty waste paper basket widget.
Hey Austraillian, how are you? You raised a good point which is exactly why I want an app that lists and categorize apps by permission so to get an inventory of apps of a certain permission. Your example of apps that need access to phone numbers can easily be listed tgether so I could review what I have installed, determine if I "really" want that app or not... The more sensitive the permission, the deeper the consideration.

For the list below, I can understand some apps having the permission discussed in this string, but. "why" would calc+ need my phone serial and access to phone numbers I call?

Before I knew such apps to list permissions, I had to view them one by one and very minimal descriptions in the appbproperties setting.

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