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Default 11-07-2014, 08:13 PM

The Dell Mini 10v arrived today. It was advertised as "not working for parts" with no charger. It was a little dirty, but not bad. I plugged in my the charger from the Mini 9 and it resumed from hibernation, which surprised me.

It doesn't look like it was used much. The 160GB hard drive (WD Blue) is pretty empty. I like the keyboard a lot better than the one on the Mini 9. This one only has 1GB RAM and it's running what looks like the original install of Win XP Home which is fine by me. I might see about getting Win 7 on it, but it will probably need a RAM upgrade for that.

The HDD seems faster than the Stec SSD in the Dell Mini 9.

I swapped out the 1357 wireless for a 6235AN + bluetooth adapter so I could connect at N speeds (very nice). I also updated the antivirus since it was from 2012.

Here is the listing. Yeah, it looks like a kid had it. Stickers galore... Ha!

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 10 1" Laptop Notebook as Is Broken Parts or Repair | eBay

Mini 9|2GB|16GB SSD| Intel 6235AN | WinXP Pro - eBay: 9/28/2012
Mini 10v|1GB|160GB HDD|WinXP Home - eBay: 11/4/2014
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