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Exclamation Would this SSD work in the Dell Mini 12? - 10-30-2012, 06:38 AM

Hello everyone. I just bought a Mini 12 on craigslist for $70 (not a typo!) and the 60GB HDD is SLOOOOOOOW! Would the SSD below work properly with the Mini 12?

32GB KingSpec 1.8-inch ZIF 40-pin SSD (on amazon)

Also, what is the consensus with OS'es on the Mini 12? I currently have XP. Would 7 (or 7 starter) run better? I do have many fast SD and USB drives for readyboost.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Amazon also has a ZIF to SD card adapter. Would it run and be faster than a standard 1.8" 4200rpm HDD?

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