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Originally Posted by Madcamper View Post
Ok, I am now installing OSx onto my HD, keyboard doent work so had to plug in a USB keyboard. Any idea where the kext for trackpad and keyboard can be found? Also, is there anyway of updating it past 10.6.2?

Did you use Netbook Bootmaker for your install? If so I don't know why it wouldn't recognize your keyboard/trackpad. Try running Netbook Installer.

I have updated to 10.6.3 for now, and have successfully updated to 10.6.4 one time using the same method as Rhycel. However the other time I tried to update to 10.6.4 using the same methodology, I got kernel panic no matter what I tried.

But I can safely say you can update to 10.6.3 without any major issues.
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