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Thumbs down Kingspec info - 10-15-2009, 02:15 AM

Originally Posted by daz84 View Post
the ssd in my mini 9 died recently i have been looking for a replacement and came across kingspec 16gb for £55 and was wondering if anyone has tried these and they are any good for xp also will the ssd from a mini 10 work in a mini 9
First, SSDs in Mini 9 and 10/v are not interchangeable. Check out more in forum to understand differences. As far as Kingspec making a SSD for the Mini 9, it doesn't look like they do at this time. Per their site, they do not list a Mini PCIe 5cm SSD with a PATA interface which is what Mini 9 requires. They only have them with SATA and IDE interfaces.

There are several options for a replacement SSD for your Mini 9 available now. Try searching forum to learn more.

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