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Default Installing OS X on new SSD - 04-13-2010, 04:54 PM


Not sure which forum is best to post. I have a Mini 9 (also a Mini 10v with HDD). The Mini 9, inadequate as it is for extensive typing, is more convenient to pack for a short trip where I do not expect to do more than read e-mails and maybe make a few terse replies. But, attempting to upgrade MacOS 10.5.x on the original 16GB SSD made it clear that I would not have sufficient space on the SDD, even though I had offloaded much stuff to a 16GB SD memory card permanently inserted. So, I had to delete most of the stuff from my home directory and some other stuff too (I forget by now) to be able to upgrade, and then restore it from Time Machine.

So, I ordered the latest (and greatest?) RunCore 64GB Pro IV Light 50MM Mini PCI-e SSDs for Dell Netbooks, and I expect delivery tomorrow. I regularly use Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC), so will probably use that to clone the 64GB Runcore.

I get the impression from reading various forums that I will have to do the initial boot with my USB thumb drive with the installation files on it, and then somehow designated the cloned Runcore as the startup disk (but, first run NetBook Installer on it? -- or do that afterwards?). And, I also imagine that I would have to partition the Runcore first as MacOs, journaled, and with the GUID option selected?

Please, anybody in the know, confirm or correct me, and save me a lot of trouble.

Also, since MDD now sends an external case for future use with the discarded SDD, I wonder if that would be the preferred way to do the cloning. That is, to first install the new Runcore in the case and clone it that way to avoid breaking the fragile USB connector on the Runcore. Any comments on that, please?

Thanks for your guidance,


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One more question: Are the innards of the Mini 10v and Mini 9 sufficiently similar to permit cloning the contents of the HDD on my Mini 10v (running MacOS 10.6.3) to my new 64GB Runcore to be swapped into my Mini 9 (which is now running MacOS 10.5.8 on its original 16GB SDD)? Or do I have to first clone the 16GB SDD onto the 64GB Runcore SDD and then upgrade it to Snow Leopard (MacOS 10.6)?


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