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Question Duo wont boot, "safeboot corrupted error 92h" HELP! - 05-30-2013, 06:52 PM

Okay I feel like this nightmare is never going to end.
I really want to use my duo again after all of this time i have spent trying to get it to work again after complete hard drive failure. If only dell had decent customer support, or service for that matter. I understand the whole end date of a warranty, but why the heck can't you get any kind of technical support after warranty. STUPID!
Anyway, I finally managed to create a bootable usb drive of windows 8 pro, but no matter what boot option I choose (usb device, or hard disk) now all it says is "SafeBoot has been corrupted (error 92h)"
Is this a drive problem, or a board problem, or bios problem? Because if it is a drive problem, I am taking it back cause it was Brand New.

How do I get past this, I have tossed this error into a couple search engines, and got nothing but other people wondering what it means as well. Microsoft answer tech said that it just means "missing OS" but i had that message before, now its different. I finally began to fall in love with my duo again, and then tragedy just had to strike! dangit!

~Help is very much appreciated~

*Original post*

Okay, have had duo for a few years now and until installing windows 8 pro, I was seriously trying to sell it. After windows 8 I wouldn't give it up for nothing.
So, I dropped it, and it killed the hard drive. Wouldn't boot, and bios didn't see had anymore. Replaced hdd with one from another laptop i had.
Microsoft answer tech gave me a link that was supposed to be the bootable media for win8, but when i try to boot from it, it says Error loading operating system.
contacted ms answer desk again but couldn't get same tech. So re explained and sent what was sent to me. Now i am told i can't do clean install of windows 8. I would have to upgrade. No big deal, only i cannot access my old windows7 system image from my external, and dell doesn't have a download for the win7 os on my downloads page.
So long story short, i upgraded to win8, dropped, replaced dead hdd, now have no os and no install media, oh and no other computer to do all the work on. Currently using windows phone and library computer to try and fix everything.

Please tell me that there is a fairly simple solution, and that getting ms dell run around will not have been in vain.


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