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Default Re: Part number for red lid? - 11-18-2008, 04:31 PM

Originally Posted by brynden29
The sku for the 32GB SSD is 341-8510. I am sure it can be ordered. You can probably just call Dell sales and they will quote you over the phone. There might be cheaper 32GB modules out there though than what you would pay from Dell.
I do agree that maybe I can find it cheaper however, I do not want to take the chance and sacrifice the performance.

I will try to call today, well in the morning. My wife tried all day today and was on the phone with a dell call center in China. I guess we will have to try and contact one in Japan. IDK. I used the number on the front page of the website.

Oh well. Thanks for the information. I will try again tomorrow however, if you have any information before I do, please post a reply.

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