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Okay, so the tech called this past Monday saying he would be out between 2 and 4. He called at 1 saying they have it as an Opti-Plex and wouldn't be able to do it, they'll have to give it to someone else. After calling Alienware again they said they'd prioritize it and get it taken care of. So the new tech called me this morning, came out, looked at it and said, ooh, that's not an Opti-Plex. The ticket had Opti-Plex and a different Service Tag, so just to check he opened the box, and sure enough, it was the M11x palmrest/upper case. Being at work I set him up in an empty office to work in, after seeing him flip it over to remove the access panel rather carelessly, I started talking about how I change LCD panels, mobos, etc etc in laptops here at work, and if he wanted to he could just leave the parts, which don't need to be returned BTW, and I'd switch it. Three signatures later I was showing him out.
So now I'll have a spare mouse pad, front LEDs, and what looks like the LED control board.
Frankly this is what I wanted Alienware to do in the first place, being such a new model I have more confidence in myself doing the job than some "certified" Dell guy saying he has to be quick, he only has 30 minutes on the parking meter.

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Oh my God, ublievable!! So I'm looking at the manual going through to change the palmrest, there are no case screws!!

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