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Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
Well, no, you can't. No room.
there is some room, for it too fit, 1 0,5-1mm copper plate can fit in.

otherwise there is barily any more room for extra cooling plates

at frozenCPU
you can buy for 7usd
a 100x100x1-2mm thermal pad (silicon)

if you cut it it can fit onto the parts needing better cooling

havent replaced the thermal pads yet
currently have a HDD cooler pasted on the bottem with velcro:

made a usb to molex adapter on the 12V plug side
havent tested yet how much it will cool, yet
odly enough it is still powered trough usb even if the laptop is off.

i have set bot fans to blowing setting/side so it blows air onto the bottem case.

also have brough a space bottem panel for the HW swapping, (might want to screw the fans onto it)(took a 2nd one to prevent destroying the original one that came with it)
gonna 3d print a better handle so i can have the cooler and still hold it in 1 hand, or set it on a desk
(will upload designs and files later for you guys to use) (use same kind of design as me for optimal usage)

(design is based on my batery, but can be changed to fit the native battery [not much work to do this])
my battery:

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