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Default Help recovering from problem update - 11-09-2011, 07:31 PM

Hey guys,

I have had a 10v running 10.6.1 very smoothly for some time. However, i wanted to update to 10.6.7 to get the app store, facetime, etc.

Based on research in here, my plan was to:

1) download and run NetbookInstaller ***351
2) reboot
3) install combo update 10.6.7
4) run NetbookInstaller ***351 again
5) reboot

Unfortunately at step 2 the computer will not restart and I get the apple icon, but then a circle/slash. It will reboot by holding shift > recovery=y command, but I've tried running NetbookInstaller ***351 again and rebooting -- same problem.

How do I fix this? Should I be using another netbookinstaller?


 Mini 10v  | 1Gb RAM | 120 Gb HDD | OSX 10.6.1 | NBI .8.3RC3 | BIOS A04

* Purchased 10/13/09
* Installed osx with this guide
* Fixed sound with this
* Received replacement battery on 1/28/10
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