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Originally Posted by Kiki View Post
I hope the American models have the same TF panel like Hungarian models.
Mine 1012 is made in China.
What brand? (Device Manager / Monitor / Generic PnP Monitor Properties / Details / Hardware Ids)

Mine says it's an LG (LGD0269)

I won't use the ICC until you've confirmed yours. Thanks for the profile either way.

Thanks so much for your procedure as well, but would like to clarify for the US market there are a few differences in what you noted, probably due to translation. My comments in red.

1. Open Control panel
2. Open Color handling menu - to get there, you will have to select the "View by:" in the upper right hand corner and choose large or small icons, then you should see Color Management (not color handling).
3. Under the Special tab click the button Change system default settings - Special = Advanced tab and button should be at the very bottom.
4. Under the Every profile tab click the Add button - Every profile = All Profiles
5. Choose the given ICC profile then Add
6. Under the Special tab check mark the Use Windows calibration. - Special = Advanced

I loaded the profile and saw no difference in colors or brightness though. Maybe different panel or close to calibrated already. I don't know.

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