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Originally Posted by Kiki View Post
I will try to explain, but because of my Win is Hungarian the explanation won't be exact.

1. Open Control panel
2. Open Color handling menu
3. Under the Special tab click the button Change system default settings
4. Under the Every profile tab click the Add button
5. Choose the given ICC profile then Add
6. Under the Special tab check mark the Use Windows calibration

After then you have to see the colors will change. And it will load automatically with the Windows.

And won't be surprised, the colors are will be much much different.

Ooops. The profile is calibrated to cca. 120cd/m2. Set your monitor to minimal brightness with F4, then 6 click to F5 is the calibrated brightness.
thanks for the email kiki and these instructions are much appreciated will give it a try tommorrow and let you know how i get on
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