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What kind of "bang" do you have? Is it "multi-media"? try the "wsed" or something. If you have a BT it should have a radio button where you can enable disable your wifi or BT? My guess is, it's probably the card reader, audio or Crystal Video decoder.

Google "dmidecode" I don't know if we can use it on our system.

Delling with Thell customer support I know is a nightmare. A lot of them are very rude. They will hangup the phone and will say to their coworker "OOps!"

Just "my" VERY honest opinion. I think Dell is better off opening an online trouble ticketing system so they (guys pedaling a bicycle power generator to power his laptop and cell phone) can toss a coin and decide on who will get to answer and help us.

5 hours ago, my shoulder got tired of holding the phone on my neck (I'm still using the POTS 2500 series telephone). Google "Cortelco 2500 Desk Phone"

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