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Default 03-29-2010, 09:35 PM

Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
Now you tell me. I got this, didn't know what it was and forced a shut down and reboot. Now it boots but it just hangs at the desktop with the mouse and the magnifying class in the upper right hand corner.
Originally Posted by meklort View Post
Only thing that worked for me is to reinstall. Rerunning NBI didn't fix it for me.
Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
Looks like I found a fix. I rebooted -v and let it sit where I thought it was hung at the desktop. It took a while then the desktop loaded. I'm rerunning 8.4Rc1 in 10.6.3 and will test if it boots up normally.
This worked. It's booting up normally now. The reinstall in 10.6.3 took a VERY long time to run. I was patient and waited for Netbookinstaller to complete then shut down. It's booting up normally.
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