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Originally Posted by Lancer View Post
Well the Zino 410 I have has the 4200 graphics which means like the Zino 400 it does not have an mxm slot. It did take the N660 processor like a champ though. No fuss whatsoever.
Thanks for sharing this!

I actually have the Zino 410 with Phenom quad p960 1.8ghz and discrete MXM 3.0 slot with Radeon 5450 GPU.

Thanks for this info on the CPU. I actually did buy a dual core n660 for $30, and it works great. It doesnt run as cool as the P960, but there is a little extra pop in games. But the bottleneck seems to be the GPU.

I am running windows 8.1 with a Crucial M4 SSD on mine. The SSD really makes it fly. This past week, I actually bought a 5650 MXM card from eBay for $35 which should improve gaming a bit (the 5450 is dismal for any gaming) not that I am hardcore or anything.

One thing to share about the CPU swap. I recommend running Winsat after everything posts with the following:
  1. Open a command prompt
  2. type in "Winsat formal -v" and hit enter
  3. after it finishes, reboot 3 times. After that, your parameters will be set correctly

Will share if the 5650 GPU does indeed work when it arrives next week. I was looking at other more powerful GPU's like the 6770, but was a little concerned about the TDP and interoperability. Even though its an MXM 3.0A slot, it is GDDR5. It shouldnt matter as they are backwards compatible, but felt it might run a bit too hot. The 5650 seemed like a nice step up (check out so we'll go from there.

Other than that if anyone can get their hands on a Zino 410 with discrete GPU, its a solid machine. Bought mine brand new in 2011 and never had an issue until trying to to update from Windows 8>8.1.

FYI: Turned out the Windows 8 store updater didnt like the WIFI Card so had to disable to install 8.1. It would hang on 'Getting devices ready'

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