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I've been wanting to do this upgrade for a while, but Dell's price quote on this part is way too costly. I found someone locally who is selling them for $300 ea. I asked him if I could get a discount if I was to purchase at least 2 at a time, and was told that the price could be reduced to $275. I'm sure if I can get someone else to buy one with me I could have it reduced to $250 a piece. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I really like my Mini 1010, because it is easy to travel with, due to it's compact size, and was thinking of buying a newer model, but unfortunately Dell is no longer making them this small, and the other Mini models don't come with the HDMI port, which is what I like most about this particular model. I can connect it to either my plasma HDTV or my home theater receiver/projector setup via the HDMI port and watch movies on my 155" diagonal screen.

Mine came with the Intel Atom Z530 (1.60GHz/533MHz FSB/512K Cache) with 1 GB RAM, and by upgrading the daughterboard to model # R031P, I'll have the same processor, but with 2 GB's of DDR2 RAM, which I believe is sufficient to allow me to play videos/movies without any lag.

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