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  1. dad2ways
    01-02-2010 10:12 PM
    Haven't looked at messages in a long time. Sorry. I now have 10.6.2 running on both the 10v and 9 perfectly. I don't know for certain about the external mic jack because my wife never uses it and I haven't taken the time to test it. She has used her iPod headphones with it and has had excellent sound from it. I did have to tinker around with some drivers and recompile the Extras to get it to work properly. I have become quite adept at that since that was the road to getting everything working on my 10v with 10.5 to start with.

    I hope you are running with Snow Leopard. The only hangup I have had was the family pack DVD I ordered from Apple showed up blank. Fortunately I had ordered the single user copy for first day release delivery before I saw the special price on the family pack. So, I am covered, legally for using it six times. I just wanted to, for the first time ever, be above board for all of my household installations. And, technically, I guess I am.
  2. LaTulipeNoire
    11-04-2009 04:33 PM
    Hi - thought I'd check back with you to see where you stand in your 10.6.x crusade. I have 10.6.1 running on my mini 9 but I have lost mic and headphone jack as everybody else seems to report. Sound is working fine after I ran NBI 0.8.3 RC 3, so I am a little weary of doing the whole voodo kext install that is described on the forum; I don't want to mess up a good thing. What's your take ?
  3. LaTulipeNoire
    09-20-2009 08:41 PM
    Hi ! Been a while - things are crazy as always here...
    I was meaning to ask you whether you had a good tip on other software I coulg try and salvage the 700+ gigs of movies I have on my backup drive. Obviously, the Mac built-in disk utility did nothing, and Disk Warrior with which I have been able to fix the tree structure in the past if reporting a no-go as well this time. Is there any other program or even a method to copy the data, say, without the disk mounting on the desk top ?
    It's not really a big drama, as they are just movies I downloaded, but it still is a colossal waste of time if I have to recreate the archive...

    Hope you're having an awesome of a fall as we are !
  4. dad2ways
    09-04-2009 12:42 AM
    I understand the hard drive panic. I have nearly 2TB of movies on external drives that drive my AppleTV. Originally I had a 500GB WD MyBook drive, my 1TB drive are also MyBook drives. I had the same problem that you are having with the 500GB drive, a month after the warranty expired. It turned out to be the drive it self had failed. So, I have a case that is perfectly good, but a drive that is dead. Only thing is, another SATA drive costs only a fraction less than the complete assembled kit does now days. I sympathize with you. Hopefully, you will be as lucky as I was and was able to get the drive to give you access to your data just long enough to retrieve it to another drive.
  5. dad2ways
    09-04-2009 12:36 AM
    Snow Leopard has to support 32 bit, so the Minis are fine. The original Mac Minis, those with Core Solos and Core Duos, mine was just prior to the release of the Core2Duo Minis, the same is true for the first Intel MacBooks. They were 32 bit. The only requirement to run Snow Leopard is an Intel processor and a complete set of 32 bit code sets and and 32 bit kernels. I have it working on my 10v. Yeah!!
  6. dad2ways
    09-04-2009 12:24 AM
    Still have to get the camera working, software update to work (for now it will download the updates and then I have to run them myself, a little bit of a hassle, but it is doable) and the camera working.

    Well, you solved the problem for yourself, in my absence. The answer to your sleep problem was exactly that, the USB legacy setting in the BIOS. One little caveat, if you upgrade your BIOS to the latest version, you will find that the BIOS will reset this setting to enabled automatically on some units whenever you attach a bootable device to any USB port. My 10v does this. So, if you get some quirkey things going on and you have recently attached a bootable device, then check this setting before panicking.
  7. dad2ways
    09-04-2009 12:24 AM
    Sorry, I have been out of the loop for the past few days because of the Snow Leopard deal. Got my copy delivered to my doorstep on Friday morning and killed my 10v initially because it messed something up nastily. Couldn't even do an archive and install to go back to 10.5. It left a kernel panic problem that I couldn't get rid of without doing a complete wipe of my hard drive and starting over. So, after recovering my data from the hard drive and then starting from a wiped drive and getting everything restored, then backing everything up to a working clone on an external hard drive. I continued trying to get a working SL install on an external partition. Finally, yesterday proved to be a success. So, now I have a working backup of the fully working 10.5.8 on an external hard drive, a basic install of 10.6 on an external hard drive and my 10v upgraded to 10.6.
  8. LaTulipeNoire
    08-31-2009 09:06 PM
    But the biggest culprit of my weekend was my 1TB external hard drive for which the directory appears to be totally shot (or so Disk Warrior tells me...). Won't mount, unmount or let itself be repaired, which is a bummer because it houses all my movies (but it's too big to back up with my Time Capsule)... Oh well - collateral damage is to be expected I guess.
  9. LaTulipeNoire
    08-31-2009 09:05 PM
    Snow Leopard; yeah, did that to my various Macs this weekend with varying results: On my older MacBook it messed up the Key Chain and it took me hours to fix so that Sync with MobileMe and "Back to My Mac" worked again. I took that as impetus to call AppleCare and also throw the weird indexing problem (the one I told you about the other day, where all my files show up as being created on different days but ALL at 22:34 AM or PM; which is doubly strange...). They seemed pretty flumuxed by it and had me send them screen shots of my file trees for their engineers to look at; we will see...

    Will DEFINITELY not go close to my mini with 10.6 until I know of folks for whom it works. Mechdrew seems to be so-so on the mini's ability to handle the 64 Bit potential that 10.6 packs - at least that's what his Blog says. I'm in wait and see mode now that I have 10.5.8 working like a charm...
  10. LaTulipeNoire
    08-31-2009 08:53 PM
    Of course, now I have already hit the next - this time hardware - snag: I can't for the life of me get the two blasted little screws that hold the 16 GB SSD in place to loosen, so the upgrade to 32 GBs I want to do remains theory (hrumpf !!!!). I don't want to risk striping the screws or putting too much pressure on the motherboard, so I gave up for now (after trying about 6 different philips-heads).

    Hopefully on the second mini 9 I ordered for my wife the screws won't be so tight, so that I can plop in the 32 GB there.

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