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Default XP kinda slow - 04-10-2009, 11:45 PM

hi ya ...

Has anyone experiencined the following. I got the Mini9 like a week ago and pre-ordered some 2gb mem and 32gb SSD from crucial. I did a nlite slimmed down install based on this . I have removed the page file and removed indexing from the different partitions. I have set the look to be classic (theme, look, etc,..) and optimised it for best performance in properties, advanced,performance settings ). Yet when i go into windows its not as responsive as the ubuntu that came installed. i used the proper drivers from dell. An example of what i am experiencing is i click on say opera ... and there is several seconds before it works (the browsers appears yet i see the egg timer for several seconds 10+). Or i am in windows and i click to go up a level while browsing and it just stalls for like 15 secs...

any ideas ... anything i am missing ...

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Default Re: XP kinda slow - 04-10-2009, 11:51 PM

The Crucial drive, for lack of better words, sucks.

Getting an iPad
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Default Re: XP kinda slow - 04-11-2009, 12:54 PM

Is this really can I confirm the SSD is at fault. Do SSD have speeds etc associated. #i just spend £60 on this and pisses me off that it no good. Has anyone here brought SSD from crucial and worked ok.

Could it be a windows setting that i have missed. Can any one advise please. Went back to factory ubuntu , seems to work ok on that but video seems choppy...

I suppose i could get an external caddy to house the SSD and use it as a storage medium but since i have 2 X external HD with 200+ GB on them seems an expensive option

What i have done so far,

diaabled page file
turned off speed step in bios
turned settings to classic
Turn settings to best performance
Turned off indexing

Anyone else done anything more..

Cheers for any help

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Default Re: XP kinda slow - 04-11-2009, 01:23 PM

The Runcore 32GB, while expensive, is so worth it.

You're also possibly using the slowest hog of all the possible OS's.

I use OS X and it's excellent. I hear good thingd about speed of Ubuntu and Win7 too.
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Default Re: XP kinda slow - 04-12-2009, 11:27 AM

I guess i can download the beta, strangely the netbook seems to be faster without any drivers installed (on the xp side of things), anyone else feel this .. which doesnt seem to make sense. Ubuntu works well but I suppose i am not that skilled in the linux platform, will see what will happen with the windows 7..

anyone got any advice on the xp situation.. any further tips...i think i heard mentioned that it needs to be a certain type of model of pc when installing windows... does this ring any bells

btw , did a quick search for some runcore and seems sold out in alot of places.. others aware of this ?
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