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Default 03-27-2010, 06:03 PM

Okay.... After playing around with my installs more

My Revised List


(tried Threatfire, but did not like it, as it is more intrusive than AppGuard imo; I'm not sure if Threatfire is an exact replacement for AppGuard...

Anyone know of any other reputable programs--paid or free--that successfully prevent zero day attacks? )

Sunbelt Personal Firewall (still don't know of a good free alternative)
Keyscrambler (overlay option only)
*ClamWin (doesn't startup with computer)
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (doesn't startup with computer)

*HouseCall browser independent scanner (hardly use, might consider Panda Cloud, not sure though, since I heard it was good)

*SRWare Iron
*TheWorld Browser
*Firefox (Personas sold me... xD )

For those three up there, I did come across Lunascape (a triple engine browser, but I'm not sure about it really.)

*VLC (don't use much anymore)
Retriever (Halogenware)
(don't use anymore; Downloadthemall! Firefox addon instead)
Erunt/NT RegOpt

*Windows Live Messenger/Windows Mail (be careful with setting the options at the end of the install where it says set your search provider, etc. I saw a Firefox plugin install for Choice Guard appear, leaving me to wonder, "Now where did that come from already?! MS, get out of my Firefox! That's why there's IE!" )

Microsoft Choice Guard

Revo Uninstaller (older versions like 1.8.3/1.83, if any)

TuneUp Utilities 2009 (hhrrmm....)

TweakNow PowerPack (need lightweight alternative) now free
---free alternative: nCleaner maybe....)

PortableApps (Tried it out more, like it)

HDD Low Level Format Tool 2.36.1181 (for pen drive recovery)
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.1.8 (for pen drive recovery)

NO Silverlight, NO .NET Framework--Silverlight (maybe); .NET framework 2.0 SP2 (if any: I use yumeyao's to avoid MS Update from listing .net 3.5, which includes the somewhat hard-to-remove .net assistant plugin for Firefox, if I remember correctly)

More info:


Agent Ransack (search program, better than Windows Search, imo)

MiPony (download manager for sites like Rapidshare, etc.)


NLite/vLite/HFSlip for slipstreaming (I like HFSLIP....)
Office Integrator (slipstreaming/chain installing Office Installations)
Windows Updates List/Belarc/Secunia


*Foxit Reader (Of course)

MS Office/*Open Office (don't really use it much)

EasyBSD ??? Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies (Your thoughts?)

*You may not need these programs if you use PortableApps.

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Default thanks much! - 03-28-2010, 02:48 AM

Originally Posted by Dunhamzzz View Post
Our Dell Minis aren't super computers, so here are some essential (free) lightweight applications that you might consider for the job:

Media Player
VLC Player
Incredibly lightweight + versatile media player.

Web Browser
Google Chrome
Googles new lightening quick minimalistic browser. Great as a replacement browser for its speed and slimline display that gives you maximum view area on a small screen resolution.
*Note you will still need Internet Explorer present for Windows Update, at very least, update to IE7.

Popular browser by Mozilla with a wealth of addons to enhance your browsing experience, be sure to get the latest version!

Text Editor/Programming
A fast-loading text editor with lots of configurable plugins to help you program in various languages. Optionally adds an item in the right click menu to quickly edit files when you find them.

Office Suite
Open Office
Open Office is the only candidate for an open-source alternative to Microsoft office. Can be a hefty install so ensure to only install what parts of it you need.

PDF Reader
Foxit Reader
Lightweight pdf reader that is oh-so-much-less bloated then Adobes counterpart. A must have for anyone who needs to read PDFs.

Image Editing
Not much of an editor but a small and versatile image viewer than can open almost any image type and perform basic image alterations.

Open source counter part to Photoshop. Obviously not as powerful, but better suited to the Dell Mini as an image editor.

Mozillas contribution to the Email client scene. Much quicker and manageable then Microsofts effort, Outlook Express.

Instant Messaging
Slimline IM client with support for many protocols, so thats MSN, AIM, ICQ, IRC and more all combined in one! Its simple interface means you get the maximum coverage in your small resolution.

Cleaning Up/Optimizing
Ccleaner cleans up unwanted or unneeded files and registry entries in Windows. Doesn't offer much of an improvement to high end systems but can be invaluable to low-spec netbooks! Be sure to download the 'portable' version.

Please feel free to suggest any more applications you've had experience with and I will add them.
Great list! Now i know what to get for my mini 9< gonna try that cool tablet mod with the accelerometer...

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Default 10-23-2010, 03:51 PM

1. VLC

2. Office:Mac 2011

3. uTorrent

4. Firefox

Nothing else needed.
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